I got bangs because it was cheaper than botox.


A Brief Bio

Bligh is an actor/singer/writer originally from Washington, D.C. now living in New York City. She recently played "Dyanne" in Million Dollar Quartet (directed by Hunter Foster) at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Paper Mill Playhouse, and Ogunquit Playhouse. If the theater name has "Playhouse" at the end, she has worked there. 


Bligh writes a successful blog called Avocados Are For Rich People, and had a podcast by the same name for a short time. She is the editorial director of Nasty Women of New York , a photography project that melds the world of portrait photography with storytelling, giving a voice to the uniquely diverse women of New York City. She spends her free time running races, chartering buses from NYC to DC for marches and protests, and cooking. 

Bligh loves fancy things, but secretly, is happiest at Olive Garden with that "all you can eat" soup/salad/breadsticks deal.


Feel free to email her at blighavoth@gmail.com
Follow her on Twitter @blighavoth, Instagram @blighadeline.
Come chat with her in person at Cafe Amrita. She doesn't own it, she just likes it there.